Joanna Bodzek i fönstret

16 juni 2014

Joanna Bodzek i fönstret

Vi visar sjalar av Joanna Bodzek i en fönsterutställning som pågår 13 - 24 juni.

“Solar Eclipse and the  New Moon in Gemini”

This pieces has been dyed with natural and man man dyes during a powerful solar eclipse and a new moon in Gemini. When I was forming this work I trie to avoid thoughts and to be in tune  with natural  rhythms of life as intellectual ideas of art and beauty  has to be discarded while attempting to bring out the innate Beauty found in nature.

All textiles are silk organza.

“Solar Eclipse” —shawls are hand washable in cold water

New Moon in Gemini” wall hangings are only suitable for  Dry cleaning

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