Konsthantverkarna show about 10 separate or group exhibitions per year with both Swedish and international artists in our gallery. The exhibition program is planned ap.1-2 years in advance. We have an exhibition group that reviews the exhibition applications and plans the program. The exhibition group consists of the curator and members who represent different material in the field. Those who are interested in exhibiting should e-mail an exhibition application to Konsthantverkarna (more info below).

Who can apply for an exhibition?

Both members and guests who are professionals in the arts and crafts area can apply for an exhibition and all applications are treated equally. It is possible to apply for a separate or group exhibition. Students can not apply for an exhibition. Konsthantverkarna want a large spread between different materials, techniques, and expressions in their exhibition program. We show both utensils, sculptural and conceptual arts and crafts. In order to be granted an exhibition, it is required that your work is of a high artistic and craft quality. Konsthantverkarna distribute exhibition compensation to all exhibitors according to the MU agreement’s recommendations.

How do I apply?

To apply, send in a pdf containing the following parts:

  • A well-developed exhibition idea with a presentation of concepts, materials, technology and methods of a maximum of one A4.
  • CV
  • 5–10 current images of good quality.
  • For each image, the title, dimensions and material must be stated.
  • LinkS to website, instagram or facebook

Incomplete applications are not considered.

Applications can be received continuously during the year.

The application is sent to: info@konsthantverkarna.se

For more information, please contact: Hanna Grill

Email: hanna.grill@konsthantverkarna.se

Tel: +46 8 – 611 03 70

Welcome with your application!